The Adolescent Leadership Council

of Hasbro Children’s Hospital




TALC: The Adolescent Leadership Council

POB 122, 593 Eddy Street

Providence, RI 02903


To contact us:

Phone: 401-444-7563

Fax: 401-444-7018



What is TALC?

Welcome to the TALC website!   TALC provides year-round programming for teen with chronic illness and their families.  We will be bring in new members through our “transition group” in September 2014, January 2015, and April 2015.  if you have questions or want to be put on our waitlist, contact us at 401-444-7563 or


Transition Group

This is a 6 session, every other week program during with new members are able to connect with each other, college mentors who also have chronic illnesses, and the TALC medical staff.  Each meeting focuses on a topic related to living with a chronic medical illness and has a skill-building activity.  There is a parents group that runs at the same time.


Leadership Council

The Leadership Council runs once a month (mostly the first Thursday of the month) and focuses on skill-building and leadership.  Led by college mentors, the leadership group starts with skill-building activities in topics chosen by the teens, then gives members time to work on leadership projects.


Other TALC Programming

We provide period social events, art events, and host an annual overnight leadership camp on a college campus each year.  Members must be active in either the transition group or leadership council to be eligible for the social events.